Orange = Green

28.10.2014 Auteur: NBSO

Kick off talks - NBSO Barcelona presenting:
A Dutch perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility
and sustainable operations in a clean world

Business can be the driver for solutions to make the world a sustainable place. How to run a sustainable business and earn a good profit from it; making money and doing good at the same time. Corporate social responsibility is an aim that cannot be reached on your own, it´s a global issue that crosses borders.

The Netherlands Business Support Office (NBSO) in Barcelona organizes a two-step event that addresses the different perspectives of sustainable business. The objective is to share knowledge on achieving the best results in Corporate Social Responsibility, raise awareness of CSR issues and share knowledge and expertise. It aims to accelerate progress towards inclusive and sustainable growth and transfer knowledge between the public and private parties that host us and the Dutch professional community. Two Talks are planned:

Tue Nov 18, 2014
Kick Off Talks on Orange = Green:

Raising interest amongst a merely Dutch corporate audience for the establishment of the Orange CSR Desk: a Dutch corporate Think Tank that provides advice and support on CSR issues to the public and private sectors that are hosting us here in Barcelona;

Tue March 17, 2015
Follow Up Talks on Orange = Green:

A session of exchange of information, best practices between Dutch and Barcelonian/Catalan/Spanish professionals on CSR and green entrepreneurship and introducing the Orange CSR Desk.

The NBSO organizes this event to inspire Dutch and Spanish business professionals on how they can improve their sustainability by sharing insight from different companies from different cultures.
The talks will be organized in cooperation with the City of Barcelona, offering the venue. Mr Cornelis van Rij, Ambassador of the Netherlands in Madrid, introduces the seminar. A maximum of 100 participants will be welcomed to the event.
The targeted audience for the first event are Dutch entrepreneurs, managers and directors who have a stake in sustainable operations and whom are seeking international collaboration, as well as local CSR officers from the public and private sectors.

During the seminar three pillars of sustainability - economic, environmental and social - will be discussed by the key note speakers. Our speakers will be from industry, government and universities. They all have a track record in achieving and stimulating sustainable innovation in their companies and beyond.

Following each presentation, a brief Q&A will be held. Further questions can be addressed to an online CSR platform that will be installed. Different propositions on how to stimulate sustainable business and how to overcome the different business ethics challenges will be discussed.

Concluding the seminar, there´s a networking session in which the challenges of implementing sustainability in multinational collaboration can be discussed further by the attendants and an inventory made of stakeholders and nominees for the Orange CSR Desk as an advising body for international collaboration and knowledge & know-how exchange.

Date: Tuesday 18 November 2014

Venue: Barcelona Activa Sala Empren,
Calle Llacuna 162, 08018 Barcelona
Dutch and Spanish ecological bites & delights with corporate, responsible and social drinks

Draft Programme:

17:30-18:00 Walk-in & welcome

18:00-18:05 Welcome by Barcelona Activa

18:05-18:10 Introduction by Ambassador of the Netherlands Mr Cornelis van Rij

18:15-18:45 Key Note Katinka van Cranenburgh, Strategic CSR Consultant and Dutch Visiting Scholar at ESADE business school and former HEINEKEN : Why Orange Is Green- CSR Dutch views

18:45-19:15 (TBC) Ana Palencia, UNILEVER: The Eco Footprint, Sustainable Living Plan

19:15-19:45 Sander Laudy, B01 ARQUITECTES: Building a Zero Carbon Footprint SnowWorld in Barcelona

19:45-20:15 BARCELONA CITY: Laia Fayet y Elena López: Barcelona strategies, ambitions and needs on Responsabilidad Social Corporativa

20:15-21:00 Concluding networking cocktail and inventory of stakeholders, nominees and aspirants for the Orange CSR Desk

Participation to the seminar is free. Please register before November 15th via

For further inquiries, please call: T +34 934 194 689

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